10K Feet view of RFID Domain

for a Logistics Gaint

Value Delivered

Client used the analysis to get an idea about the existing innovations and provided it to R&D team to explore ideas to bind existing/upcoming technologies with their own product line.

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Problem to be solved

Client a business head of a logistics company whose onus is to keep the product line up to date and plan for new features to address customer concerns. This time, he was particularly interested to get a study done on RFID. His objective was two prongs –

To have 10000 feet view of the field to see how much it has matured and then narrow down in technologies where there are signs of intersection in logistics.

To explore companies that can be potential partners for RFID tech.

Solutions offered

GreyB analyzed the research articles and patents related to RFID technology. Thereafter, clustered the documents into various sub-technology clusters and highlighted the integration of these sub-technologies with various aspects of logistics supply chain.

Further, GreyB provided executive summary presentation for board meeting and an online dashboard for usage by internal team. The dashboard covered the options like analyzing technology trends, going deep in sub-technologies, indications of overlap between RFID and logistics domain and analyst comments on the technical literature studied for the analysis.

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