Collaboration Analysis

in Gene Editing Tools

Value Delivered

Client was able to develop understanding of the research area and select collaboration targets to jump start the research.

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Problem to be solved

Client an R&D head in a company wanted to explore about next generation gene editing tools like CRISPR, TALENS, Meganuclease and Zinc Fingers etc. and wanted to partner for research in this direction. His aim was to evaluate the collaboration partners on the basis of their research.

Solutions offered

GreyB studied all the research around the given technology area and linked the problems with the solutions listed in the collected documents. Thereafter, the analysis was performed to identify the primary and secondary research areas or the identified researchers, direction of research (e.g. tool type) and focus towards diagnostic solutions. Such type of quantitative and qualitative analysis along with the consideration of past collaborations, area of operation and location of research centers by the companies and universities helped our client to compare and evaluate the options.

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