Geographical Expansion

for a active pharma product

Value Delivered

Client was able to use this analysis to decide on new markets for their product pipe line.

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Problem to be solved

Client was interested in expanding their business and wanted to evaluate other countries where he can launch the drugs.

Solutions offered

GreyB started the analysis by considering few parameters which gave an indication of high market potential in the selected countries. Few exemplary parameters were –

  • IP activity – It helped in knowing different challenges which may arises after launching the product.
  • Prevalence of disease – It indicated that how much is the need of selling product in a selected country.
  • Population – It indirectly showed the market potential of geographies.
  • Already Marketed product or competitor product analysis in selected geographies

While providing this information, GreyB also prioritized the markets based on criteria like market potential, time to entry, current need and available competition which helped client in consuming the insights and deciding on future strategies.

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