Impact of Intersecting Industries

for a Battery Company

Value Delivered

Client was able to discern how the growth of wireless charging would affect primary battery market and was also able to gain an insight on the players’ activities who were bringing about this change in the battery landscape.

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Problem to be solved

A battery giant was concerned about the impact of parallel technologies on increase/decrease in sale or replacement of primary battery in different product segments. Further, they wanted to understand the commercial success of those technologies to strategize.

Solutions offered

GreyB analyzed the research trends and studied the research focus of intersecting domains to identify various aspects of batteries getting impacted.

Further, the improvements captured from intersecting domains were studied for the business impact and on the batteries.

GreyB captured also studied the top players in shortlisted areas and performed assessment analysis on those to evaluate the market penetration trend and success rate of those companies to help our client understand the SWOT and plan their R&D efforts accordingly.

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