Innovation Analysis In APAC Region

for a Yeast Manufacturer

Value Delivered

Client was able to understand the R&D trends, activity of companies and academia, type of  problems being focus for research and the solutions corresponding to them.

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Problem to be solved

Client one of the top yeast manufacturing companies  considered APAC region as a huge business area and wanted to know about the research from native companies and universities. A major challenge in front of client was language barrier.

Solutions offered

GreyB analyzed research articles and patents from native and global databases originating from APAC region. Further, the analysis was conducted in English and Asian languages to capture the right essence of research activity.

Further, improvements in yeast related to different industries like baking, probiotics, beer were captured and solutions were clustered on the basis of different yeast strains.

GreyB also provided an online interface as a knowledge base to the client which can be used to get signals about the research activity by company/university, their focus and then go deep into studying the curated information at the same platform.

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