Market Research On Smart Packaging

for a Beverage Company

Value Delivered

Client was able to use the analysis to compare the available printing solutions and went ahead with the discussions on procuring the solution among recommended companies.

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Problem to be solved

Client a beverage company in Europe was looking for smart packaging solution with less operational cost, low interaction time and more robustness as compared to what is already being used by them.

Solutions offered

GreyB evaluated different techniques for customer tracking and narrowed down to the ones that satisfied client’s criteria for replacing the existing one.

Thereafter, GreyB evaluated the companies providing solutions for customer tracing and did SWOT analysis on the solutions to help client pick the best solution among the identified ones.

Since, all the companies didn’t list every piece of information, GreyB explored customer reviews on the solutions and in certain cases even contacted the companies to gather the missing pieces of information.

This proactive approach towards  locating remaining information added 6 more companies to the list which otherwise could have been left out.

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