Natural Ingredients & Product Recommendations Analysis

for a Savory Products Company

Value Delivered

Client was able to understand the new ingredients being launched and researched. Using this client was able to narrow down on companies of interest having suitable ingredients.

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Problem to be solved

Client a company in Europe, dealing in savory products wanted to know about the new developments around the use of natural ingredients while maintaining different profiles of products like taste, texture, flavor, color etc.

Client was aware what big companies are doing and wanted GreyB to focus on local players in different countries and startups.

Solutions offered

GreyB created a databases of companies identified using English and native language search.

Thereafter, studied flavoring agents, colorants, thickeners, emulsifiers etc. by these companies and clustered the companies on the basis of advantages of different ingredients.

GreyB provided an assessment on the companies describing the different product offerings by the company, advantages, uniqueness of the products and indications of commercial success.

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