Packaging Material & Partner Recommendations

for a Food & Beverage Company

Value Delivered

Client used GreyB’s analysis on materials to identify the best fit materials and further, asked GreyB to provide analysis on the companies providing such materials to partner with them.

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Problem to be solved

A European company approached GreyB to help them identify biodegradable materials and companies that can help in achieving better packaging solutions. Client was inclined towards exploring better packaging solutions in global market.

Solutions offered

GreyB chalked out the features that were necessary for packaging of client’s products and then filtered the materials based various properties like moisture barrier. Thereafter, a SWOT was performed on those materials to assess it on various criteria like commercial applicability, scalability, partnership options, cost and more.

GreyB also evaluated the options to address the material weakness and checked for the commercially available options to enhance the material properties for food packaging.

As a result GreyB created a list of 18 materials and recommended 2 out of those for pursuing further.

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