Technology Landscape

for a company in Probiotics industry

Value Delivered

The analysis provided understanding of the domain to client along with the research strategy indications of competing and non-competing companies. The analysis also included recommendations for the collaboration options with companies and universities.

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Problem to be solved

A leading US based company in probiotics wanted to know the research trends and activity of other companies to determine their positioning. Along this with they wanted to understand the technology development strategy of prominent companies and explore the options that can be adopted by them.

Solutions offered

GreyB distributed fermented food preservatives domain into 100+ sub technologies covering fermentation raw materials, process, preservative combinations, application and so on.

GreyB studied prominent companies from various countries and identified their collaboration/ acquisition patterns and research patterns.

By studying this GreyB suggested possible options available for client to proceed ahead in different technology sub categories and collaboration options available in different countries.

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